Helping women
embrace Tech

Women in Tech: Bridging the Gender Gap

Technology is transforming the world we live in, providing tools for entrepreneurship, revolutionizing the business sector, and providing access to life-enhancing data. Yet, it seems as though the world is struggling to empower women in the tech sector where the gender inequality is one of the highest.

How can we empower our women and girls?

There are numerous issues that restrict the number of women in tech roles today. If we want to bridge the gender gap, then we need to begin by introducing girls to the benefits of technology at an early age. By creating a strategy that covers everything from education to entrepreneurship, we can help women in technology to embrace tech, and discover a new world of opportunities.

Helping Women Embrace Tech

It’s time to find solutions that empower women,
and steer girls into a future of STEM in their education, and careers.

Our Primary Focus areas



At Women in Tech ®, we’re issuing a call for projects,
think-tanks, and strategies that help
women and girls to embrace technology.


We believe in raising awareness for more accessible,
all-inclusive education and training
strategies for women in tech.


We offer networking opportunities,
mentorship from leaders in their space,
and support for project incubation and acceleration.


Women in Tech ® awards recognize and celebrate
the leaders that are doing their part
to transform the digital economy.

The Latest

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Coding Summer Camp for women and girls

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The tech world is still a man’s world

The tech world is still a man’s world

One report published by McKinsey in 2016 showed that only 37% of the entry-level roles in tech companies were held by women. That number drops even further the higher up the business ladder you go, with women making up only 25% of senior management roles,...