There once was a time, in a galaxy far away, when coding was the domain of boys and men. Backroom boys were, of course, boys, and gender stereotypes offered limiting role models for girls. Films, games and TV programmes spread the myth across the airwaves, leaving room only for the few geek girls who dared to get into Code. This culture explains why the secret language of code was reserved for a masculine elite, but in recent years, girls and women have trampled over the barricades and claimed their right to an equal place in tech, as in all other areas of life. As more and more girls are now learning the secret language of code, their fluency and flair is changing the world of tech beyond recognition.

Resistance is Futile: Women Coders are Here to Stay!

These early days of coding history are thankfully long gone, and the world of today offers a host of wonderful opportunities for girls and women who code. It has long been recognised that many women are supremely gifted communicators, and this is reflected in the illustrious careers of teachers, linguists and creative writers who have mastered their own language, and often one or more foreign languages as well. These skills have proved beneficial in science and tech as well as politics, international relations and social welfare. Code is more than just another foreign language, though. It is a universal means of communication that reaches beyond all the national and cultural barriers that divide people in the world. It is not an overstatement to say that Code truly can bring peace and prosperity to the world, and the contribution of women is a hugely important part of this agenda.

Innovation takes many forms

If there is one thing that coding teaches you, it is the realisation that there are many different ways to achieve your goals. Sometimes the simplest, or most obvious path is the best, but at other times a new perspective can lead you down a different route. A lively and curious mind can explore some interesting by-ways that no-one had ever considered before, and that’s where a diverse workforce with both men and women has a competitive advantage. At long last, the CEOs and project managers have realised that the expertise of women brings much-needed creativity and talent into the coding workforce. Indeed, many of these CEOs and project managers are themselves women who have proved their worth in the competitive world of apps and software development and are now throwing open the doors to a new generation of coders who are appointed according to their talent, and not their gender. Inspiration is everywhere, and all we need now are more girls and women to follow their coding ambitions. Many have already started via hashtags such as: #WomeninTech #EmbraceTech #WomenEmpowerment #GirlsCode but there are surely more to come. It’s an exciting time to be a girl or woman who codes right now. Who knows what astounding innovations women coders are preparing for us? Watch this space for some really amazing tech achievements from women in the next few years.