Supporting Women and Girls in Afghanistan through Education and Advocacy

Millions of Afghan girls received education in the last two decades. Now that progress is at risk of slipping away.

Over the last 20 years, Afghanistan experienced advances for human rights. Women and girls had been given hope, vision, opportunity for a life outside of the shadows they’ve walked within – a life with education, vocation and purpose.

The Taliban are back in control in Afghanistan and this progress is now at risk. We fear that the flame of an entire generation, especially of women and girls, is being stomped out.

Women and girls represent more than 50% of citizens, an ocean of untapped talent. We are committed to speaking out alongside Afghan girls and women and advocating for their safety, protection and continued access to education.

We are focusing our efforts in raising female Afghan leaders voices, such as Zarifa Ghafari, as well as providing education programs to women and girls. Our flagship programs are Digital literacy and Career workshops.

Interview with Zarifa Ghafari and Women in Tech’s Founder President Ayumi Moore Aoki