Dear members and friends of Women in Tech & Women in AI

Happy New Year from both of our organizations! Your contribution in the fields of Technology and Artificial Intelligence (AI) in 2019 was outstanding! As we look back on the results and on the combined power of our communities, we are more certain that the new decade will bring better possibilities for achieving an inclusive and non-biased world. Hence, this is definitely worth celebrating all together!

On January 27th at Sofitel Legend The Grand in Amsterdam, Women in Technology & Women in AI would like to invite you to our Grand Opening 2020 event – “The Magic of ARTificial Intelligence”. Hosted in the historic Council Chamber where the royal wedding of Queen Beatrix was organized in 1966, it will be the most stylish and AI-empowered gala that you have ever been to!

• The event will feature in AI-driven artists and their different works of art that were produced with the help of AI, computer vision and/or Internet of Things.
• You will hear about the progress made in bridging the gender gap in the industry, and the 2020 vision for ensuring better diversity and inclusion in The Netherlands.
• You will be able to connect and reconnect with Tech & AI influencers, role-models, experts, decision-makers, entrepreneurs and positive change agents.

This Gala is meant to inspire. We kindly recommend booking your ticket as soon as possible as there will be no waiting list available :

• Time: 18:00 – 21:00
• Walk-in: 18:00
• Dress code: Gala
• Address: Oudezijds Voorburgwal 197, 1012 EX Amsterdam
• Coming by car? Sofitel Legend The Grand has a limited amount of valet parking places. The price is € 7,50 per car per hour, with a maximum of € 70,00 for 24 hours per car. Please consider to park at the nearby parking locations in the area of Sofitel Legend The Grand (see Google).

Best wishes for the new year and see you on January 27th 2020!

Team Women in Tech (
Team Women in AI (