Bridging the Digital Divide

At Women in Tech® Global, we are committed to closing the digital divide and promoting social inclusion. Through our Digital & Social Inclusion pillar, we have embarked on transformative initiatives that make a meaningful impact. ​

To date, we’ve donated over 350 computers and laptops to schools in underprivileged areas in India and South Africa, granting access to vital digital skills and educational opportunities, including coding, robotics, and IT courses. ​

We’ve established learning centres in Brazil, Burundi, and South Africa—safe havens where children can acquire foundational and advanced technical skills. ​

Moreover, we provide digital literacy courses to both children and their mothers in marginalized communities across Africa and Brazil. From mastering the basics of software like Word and Excel to creating Gmail accounts, crafting resumes, job applications, and overall computer proficiency.​

Women in Tech Learning Centers


Women in Tech® is proud to offer digital literacy classes to children and their mothers in the marginalized community of Chapadão, located in the north of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Our center provides a safe and welcoming environment for learning and interaction, featuring 15 computers with internet access, a library, a kitchen for preparing simple meals for the children, and a variety of activities organized with our local partner, Educar+. These activities range from reading sessions to art workshops and filmmaking ateliers.

Our current Digital Literacy Program 2024 aims to educate 120 students over an 8-month period. The program is delivered through 12 classes, each consisting of 10 students. The curriculum is divided into four modules:

  • Introduction to Computing (Classes 1-6)
  • Productivity Tools (Classes 7-12)
  • Exploring Digital Creativity (Classes 13-18)
  • Practice and Reinforcement (Classes 19-24)


On March 3rd 2023 we launched Women in Tech® Burundi in Bujumbura, under the Patronage of H.E. Léocadie NDACAYISABA, Minister of ICT and Medias.

Women in Tech® has opened 2 learning centers offering women and girls a safe place to have access to computers, wifi and training: the first learning center is in the center of Bujumbura and the second center is in the rural outskirts of Bujumbura and is open since March 2024.

Both centers focus on digital literacy programs for the women and children of the community. While the mothers learn, children will be able to play safely within the center, get food and receive healthcare.

At the first center, we trained and certified 105 women and girls in blockchain technology, while also delivering seminars to 150 individuals. Additionally, a remarkable 140 children between the ages of 11 and 14 participated in our summer boot camp program.

Expanding our reach in 2024, both centers, in partnership with KIT Hub, collectively trained 1385 girls and women in various fields including: programming for kids, website development, technology against gender-based violence, coding for kids, and introduction to artificial intelligence. These achievements underscore our commitment to empowering women and girls through comprehensive digital skills training and advocacy efforts.


Women in Tech® South Africa Chapter has opened Philippi Village IT Learning Centre that offers children access to computers and digital learning resources, helping them with schoolwork and providing essential digital skills training.

At the Centre, the youth can benefit from a variety of programs facilitated by Women in Tech South Africa, including Mentorship Programs, Digital Skills Training, Basic Coding Skills, and the Cyber Excellence Academy course. In addition to these programs, the Centre provides internet access, allowing students to complete their homework and conduct research.

The Philippi Village IT Learning Centre operates from 8 AM to 5 PM every weekday. Since its opening, the Centre has served a growing number of children: 3,120 in 2022, 3,500 in 2023, and already 1,500 in 2024.

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