Empowering Women Entrepreneurs and Leaders

In our pursuit of fostering diversity and equity in the tech industry, Women in Tech® Global is dedicated to supporting women entrepreneurs and leaders. Through our business initiatives, we offer a range of impactful programs and opportunities: ​

Our mentoring program connect experienced professionals with rising talents, enabling invaluable knowledge transfer. ​

We host high-level global events and provide networking opportunities that empower women to expand their horizons. ​

Our talent-hub connects talented women with career opportunities across the tech landscape. ​

For senior executives, we collaborate with Ecole des Ponts Business School to offer certifying programs, ensuring top-notch leadership and more women on boards.​

Additionally, our crowdfunding platform empowers women in startups, allowing them to invest in their ideas or secure the funding they need to thrive. Through these initiatives, Women in Tech® Global is reshaping the business landscape, one opportunity at a time.​

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