Women in Tech Education

Education is the basis of any future: we get to know a field, hopefully master it, we learn the skills and how to use them. This is true for both genders and still, there’s a gap between men and women. Whilst men embrace technology and the “geek” culture, women remain aside, most often considered as outsiders.

There’s a double reason for that: role models are mostly men and women don’t feel like they belong to the tech environment; from early childhood, men are oriented towards STEM while women are directed towards literary studies. Hence, the whole society has come to a tacit agreement that tech is for men and women have little – or nothing – to do with it.

At Women in Tech, we believe that education is the key to changing things and opening new perspectives to women but also men. There is no point in opposing both genders instead of helping them evolving alongside each other. We can all benefit from the synergies created by multigender, multicultural teams that share different points of view.

No matter the gender, no matter the age nor the experience, education should be part of our lives and allow us to become whoever we want to be. A little girl shouldn’t refrain from imagining herself as the next unicorn founder, while a senior woman should be able to switch career without fearing she’s too old for it. Lifelong education is now part of our lives and should be a stepping stone to embracing the career we have chosen.

Therefore, we advocate for a different type of education, including women but also men to change minds on the long term. Our purpose is to give chances to each and everyone one, empowering women and girls as well as men. Gender equality starts with the fight against prejudice; we don’t believe in setting men aside but rather taking them in on an educative journey towards the future.
Different programs can make this happen:

  • Education at school: with specific classes introducing the tech industry and the women who participate in this amazing adventure whether as developers, founders, marketers, product managers… The goal is to emphasize on working-together and turning down the stereotypes and conventional wisdom about women in tech.
  • Workshops for teenagers and young adults: coding, entrepreneurship, the reality of startups, blockchain, artificial intelligence… are among the themes that matter most today. If it is important to give insights to girls and young women on those subjects, workshops on mutual respect in the workplace are also essential to create a favorable creative and productive environment for everyone.
  • (Reverse) Mentoring: while millennials master the new technologies in their daily use (social media, instant messaging, etc.), seniors may be taken aback by the generation gap. On the other side, young ones have ideas and ambitions but lack the experience. Mentoring and reverse mentoring allow to fill the generation gap by creating new relationships from which both juniors and seniors benefit in a benevolent way.

Education makes everything possible! Let’s get smart together!