Women in Tech Israel proudly presents: the Cycle Central Workshop

Cycle Central, led by Yarin Weltsman, is a menstrual awareness workshop which teaches women how to Bio Hack their Bodies & Crack their Careers.

In this workshop, Yarin teaches women how to tap into their female bio intelligence which not only allows them to learn how to optimize their performance but how this can inevitably increase their companies bottom line. The workshop also focuses on female leadership development and what it means to be a women in the workforce.

The insights of this workshop are relevant not just for women, but for leaders who want to understand how this can make their employers and companies more engaged, innovative, creative and productive.

There will be 10-15 minutes for Q&A.

About the Presenter: Yarin Weltsman

Originally from Johannesburg South Africa, Yarin Weltsman is an award winning UX designer and innovator. Yarin is the Co-Founder and Creative Director of HiPitched & HASHcreative – Business Design & Branding Agencies which focus on human-centric approaches to solving problems, translating ideas and creating meaningful design and innovation across brands, products, services, and experiences.

Yarin holds a Masters Degree in Design, Innovation & Entrepreneurship and thrives at the intersection of design / tech / strategy. Yarin has collaborated and consulted local startups and global clients such as Barclays Bank, Tech Stars and Google’s Leadership Institute.

Yarin believes in the power and responsibility of women having a deep understanding of themselves and their bodies in order to thrive at an individual and collective level and is thus committed to education in the field of women’s health, wellness and leadership from teenage girls to company executives.