Women in Tech Israel proudly presents: the Startup Lifecycle Workshop

The “Startup Lifecycle” presentation by Ben Wiener, managing partner of Jumpspeed Partners, covers the three stages that every successful startup must go through, with an emphasis on the first stage – what do you need to get started and get past the initial obstacles to make your startup a success?

The other half hour of the workshop will be dedicated to the testimony of a female founder of Genetika+, Talia Cohen Solal, which developed personalized treatment with a simple 3 steps test for patient depression. Learn from her successes and challenges during this conference.

There will be 10-15 minutes for Q&A.

About our Guests:

Ben Wiener

Ben Wiener is the Managing Partner of Jumpspeed Ventures, a VC fund that invests exclusively in Jerusalem-based, early-stage startups. He founded Jumpspeed in 2014. Before that, Ben was a business development executive at a number of companies, co-founder of two startups, and originally a corporate lawyer and a clerk on Israel’s Supreme Court.

Talia Cohen-Solal

Leading a fast-growing startup developing new tools for Personalized Medicine in Major Depression with demonstrated success in Fundraising, Sales, Team Building, and Project Management. Experienced Neuroscientist with a demonstrated history in academia and biotech. Skilled in Cellular and Molecular Biology, Biotechnology and Drug Discovery. Gained a Ph.D. focused on mechanisms of major mental illness.