On July 28th, 2020 Women in Tech Russia hosted the second meetup of the “Demystifying Data Science” series in collaboration with Dell Technologies. The event’s target audience was DS newbies, so all topics were dedicated to junior data scientists and those who plan to enter this field.  

  • The first speaker, Nikita Cherkes, Team Lead Data Scientist at ID R&D, explained “What is Data Science and how to get in?”. Nikita told the audience all about his career path from Junior to Team Lead Data Scientist. He summarized his experience and explained what hidden catches wannabes and junior data scientists might face at the start. All of Nikita’s pieces of advice were supported by real cases and practice. He also shared many life-hacks and recommended useful services and links which will help to master the craft.
  • The second lecturer was Polina Polunina, ex-head of the Data Science division of HR, Finance, and Video analytics at M.Video-Eldorado, a teacher at NIU HSE, the winner of the international Data Analysis championship. She gave a speech on “Data Science: What? Why? For whom?”. Polina helped the audience to get acquainted with DS basics, she managed to explain complex concepts and terms in a simple and understandable manner. From her all-encompassing lecture, we got to know what is DS, AI, ML, DL, what tasks can be solved using Machine Learning, and how “smart services” work.
  • Dilyara Saetova, Administartive coordinator at WiT Russia moderated the event.

During the Q&A session, the guests took a chance to ask our experts various questions, such as:

🔺 How to stop being a compulsive perfectionist and let the world see your project?

🔺 How to find a mentor?

🔺 What company is the best for a newbie – a small startup or a big corporation?

🔺 Is it important to have open projects on GitHub and demonstrate them in a job interview?

🔺 How much money does a data scientist make? (In Russia, it’s up to 5000 euros).

Stay tuned to get notification about the third meetup of the “Demystifying Data Science” series which will take place on August 18.

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