We are very excited to announce that we have been selected as a finalist for the #EuropeanDigitalSkillsAwards in the category “Digital skills for women and girls” for our #WomeninTeh #Coding #SummerCamp that we organized last Summer with our partner UmaHub.

The Coding Summer Camp was a Challenge launched to 50 women and girls around the world to learn how to code. It was organized by Women in Tech® with our partner UmaHub. The idea was simple – during summer break, where most people are on holidays and have some “free” time, we wanted to offer women and girls the possibility of learning the basics of coding in a 3 weeks programme using an EdTech platform with individual coaching and mentorship as well as group hackathons.

The aim was to educate, encourage and empower women and girls with the basic skills of coding.

The difficult task was to choose the 50 lucky ladies. We chose them according to their personal stories and motivation. In the application form they had to explain why they wanted to learn how to code and what it represented for them. It was really so inspirational. We finally chose 50 women from 35 different countries. The youngest was 14 and the oldest was 52 years old. Diversity is not only genre, race, but also age. There is no age limit to learn how to code or to start a new career.

We are very proud that this program was a finalist in the European Digital Skills Awards in the «Digital skills for girls and women» category.


24 exceptional projects and initiatives that help Europeans improve their digital skills were selected as finalists of the European Digital Skills Awards 2018. They will present their activities at ICT 2018 in Vienna. European Commissioner Mariya Gabriel will award 5 winners on 6 December.

Find more information about the Awards here.