On Tuesday, June 16th, Danielle Geathers will be giving Women in Tech an exclusive live interview at 6pm EST.

Twenty year old and rising junior Danielle Geathers, has become the first black woman to hold the office of student body President at the prestigious Massachusetts Institute Technology (MIT), ranked the #1 university in the world and particularly known for its superior engineering program. The results of the campus wide election were released on May 2nd, 2020, ushering in a new era in student government, with diversity and transparency at the top of Geathers platform. Adding to the strength of her ticket, Geathers chose fellow activist Yu Jing Chen, an Asian American woman, rounding out the most diverse administration in MIT’s history of student government leadership.

“I see the Undergraduate Association (UA) as an underutilized engagement tool that will be essential as MIT designs and implements its plan for COVID-19,” said Geathers. “I am excited about the opportunity to amplify underrepresented student voices and make the UA more visible as a both support resource and efficient communication channel.”

Currently, Danielle is focused on shifting student government to have a bigger policy focus, as well as a larger impact regarding national issues such as COVID-19, new Title IX regulations and racial inequality.


Tuesday, June 16th at 6pm EST

Danielle Geathers, President of the Student body Office, MIT University
Tayo Rockson, President and CEO UYD Management
Sidney Madison Prescott, Women in Tech Chapter Ambassador – USA East Coast

Closing remarks by Carine de Meyere, COO Women in Tech – Global Movement.