Our Primary Focus areas

Women in Tech: Our Primary Focus Areas

Data collected by a virtual event solutions company “Evia” found that today, women make up less than 20% of the technology workforce – even though they make up more than half the workforce in many countries.
Women in tech are struggling to unlock the full potential of this innovative industry. With problems like wage gaps, harassment, and a consistent lack of support to contend with, we believe that it’s time to help and celebrate those who are paving the way forward for women in tech. After all, women-led technology companies perform up to 3 times better than those with a male CEO.

To help more women find their way into the technology industry, and thrive in their chosen roles, we’re focusing on four primary action areas – the details of which you can find below.

Area 1: Women in Tech Projects and Challenges

There’s a clear problem facing women in the tech sector today. Low levels of female employment combined with a limited opportunity for women leaders in the industry have left alarm bells ringing around the world.
At Women in Tech®, we’re issuing the call for projects, think-tanks, and strategies that help women and girls to embrace technology. Our aim is to find solutions, both global and local, that will help to bridge the gender gap in the tech economy.

Area 2: Helping Women Embrace Tech with Education

One of the issues that may be holding females back in the technology industry, is the fact that it’s much harder for women to get into this field. Female representation in STEM subjects has historically fallen behind males – with 2017 rising as the first year to see more women taking up mathematics degrees than men.
We believe in raising awareness for more accessible, all-inclusive education and training strategies for women in tech. By helping women to embrace the benefits of a technology career from an early age, we can transform the uneven business landscape.
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Area 3: Women in Tech and Entrepreneurship

Entrepreneurship offers a fantastic opportunity for women interested in technology. Our project accelerator programme aims to find the women in technology that are leading the way by inspiring their followers and eliminating the gender divide.
In France, there’s never been a better time for women to break the glass ceiling and explore their ambitions in the tech community. A recent study found that one in every four companies created in France have at least one female entrepreneur. We’ll be working alongside ambitious women in the technology space, offering networking opportunities, mentorship from leaders in their space, and support for some of the most innovative ideas.
We can even help women interested in the tech space to find the job offers that speak to their specific skills and interests.

Area 4: Women in Tech Awards

Finally, we believe in encouraging the success we’ve already seen in the technology space as more women explore the opportunities that tech can offer.

Our Women in Tech® Awards will recognize and celebrate the women in technology that are role models and transform the digital economy. The event will be held in Lisbon, on the 7th November 2018, during the Web Summit.

We have fifteen awards to offer to inspirational figures in the industry.
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