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Engage with prominent women leaders from major corporations, groundbreaking startups, as well as key governmental and educational institutions, covering 50 countries on six continents.

Welcome to the Women in Tech Global Council, a prestigious private network for senior leaders championing innovation and diversity in the technology sector. Join us in our commitment to empower women in tech and drive impactful change across the industry.

Application Process:
Ready to amplify your impact? Apply to become a member by completing our application form and providing the required endorsements to support your candidacy.

Apply for Membership
Please review Women in Tech Global Council’s membership criteria prior to applying for membership

Membership Criteria

Our members are distinguished by their accomplishments and influence in the tech world. Here’s what it takes to join this elite group:

Applicants must currently hold a senior-level position within their organization, such as:

  • CEO, President, or equivalent
  • C-level Executive
  • Founder or Co-founder
  • Senior Vice President (SVP) or Vice President (VP)
  • Director or equivalent senior leadership role

Organizational Impact
Applicants must be leaders in organizations that meet one of the following criteria:

  • A publicly or privately held company with a minimum of $2 million in annual revenue or funding
  • A successful startup that has completed at least Series A funding
  • A notable non-profit, academic institution, or government body with significant reach and impact


  • A minimum of seven years of professional experience in the tech industry or a leadership role.


  • Demonstrated leadership in initiatives or contributions to the community through speaking engagements, publications, mentorship, or active participation in tech-focused organizations.

Diversity Advocacy

  • Demonstrate a commitment to fostering diversity, equity, and inclusion.


  • Receive endorsement from a current council member or a recognized industry leader.

Active Engagement

  • Participate in council activities and contribute to the collective wisdom of the group.

Thought Leadership

  • Willingly share insights and expertise with the community.
Membership Benefits

Exclusive Online Platform and Private Group
Members gain access to a secure, members-only online platform for networking, collaboration, and sharing of resources. This includes a private group to engage in meaningful discussions, share insights, and access exclusive content.

Women in Tech Global Summit in Paris – Full Delegate Access
Members receive complimentary full delegate access to the annual Women in Tech Global Summit in Paris. This includes all keynotes, workshops, networking events, and the opportunity to connect with global industry leaders.

Attendance at Women in Tech Regional and Global Awards Ceremonies
Members are invited to attend the prestigious Women in Tech Regional and Global Awards ceremonies and receptions, celebrating achievements across seven world regions.

Private Elite Networking Events with Global Leaders
Members gain privileged access to highly curated, private networking events, both online and in person. These exclusive gatherings connect members with a distinguished circle of key figures and influential leaders in corporate, academia, government and diplomacy.

Membership in Impact Committees
Opportunity to join one of four impactful committees – Business, Digital Inclusion, Advocacy, or Education – and drive change in Women in Tech’s focus areas.

Regular Online Masterclasses
Access to exclusive online masterclasses conducted by industry experts and thought leaders, covering a wide range of topics pertinent to technology and leadership.

Personalized Concierge Service
A dedicated concierge service to assist with scheduling, event registrations, and other logistical needs, ensuring a smooth experience.

Council Website Directory with Full Page Bio
Inclusion in the council’s website directory, featuring a full-page bio for each member. This provides visibility for their professional achievements, skills, and contributions to the tech industry.

Mentoring Program: Join our mentoring program as a mentor or a mentee
Receive guidance from seasoned leaders or mentor emerging tech professionals.

VIP Treatment at Partner Events and Conferences
Preferential access and VIP treatment at partner events and conferences, including early access, special seating, or exclusive networking sessions.

Privacy Notice:
We respect your privacy. All information provided will be kept confidential and used solely for the application process as per our privacy policy.

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