How are women changing the way how the blockchain industry is evolving?

About the Event
Women in Tech: Online Meetup & Virtual Networking
Time: 18:00 CET / 12:00 EST / 09:00 PST / 16:00 UTC
Date: 29th October, 2019
Venue: Remo Conference (online face to face networking platform)


How it Works

Discussion Topic & Voting Polls: We will begin the event with a main productivity hack discussion topic. Thereafter, you can submit your own productivity hacks to the platform so other attendees can vote for the best ones to discuss!

Turn on your video and microphone: Meaningful conversations happen face-to-face! Turn on Video and Microphone access to enrich discussions and create lasting relationships.

Jump to different tables: Move to different tables and interact with a whole new set of people. Table hopping is unrestricted, giving you the freedom and opportunity to get the most out of this networking event.

Network and Connect: This is what you came for! Interact face to face with some of the best in the business and connect on LinkedIn directly through the platform.