Women in Tech 100 Top Speakers 2023

Angela Naser

Angela Naser

COO (Chief Operating Officer) at United Nations

Fields of Expertise:

  • Digital Banking
  • Business Strategies
  • Operational Crisis Management
  • Operational Efficiency/Tools and Data
  • Client Relations

Country of residence: France

Angela is a Senior International Consultant specializing in Finance, Digital Banking, Business Strategies, Change Management, Digital Transformation, and Operational Crisis Management. With a focus on excellence, Angela has successfully led the Six Sigma Certification Green Belt Project, demonstrating her expertise in Legal and Technical Risk Management.

In the realm of Marketing and Communication, Angela excels in promoting companies through strategic initiatives such as creating impactful mailings and newsletters, conducting competitive analyses, participating in trade shows, and optimizing customer knowledge for precise targeting. Her proficiency extends to managing online presence, updating websites, and creating compelling brochures and flyers. Angela possesses a strong understanding of Dialer systems and their effective management.

In the realm of Commerce and Sales, Angela brings a wealth of knowledge in banking products, including VAC allocation, LOA, personal loans, revolving credit, Real Estate Loans, and credit consolidation. She is skilled in negotiation in both B to B and B to C contexts, ensuring successful client interactions through interviews, active listening, and thoughtful advice.

Angela’s leadership extends to team management, where she oversees a team of over 70 collaborators. Her role involves motivating, guiding, and training team members on a daily basis. Angela is actively involved in the recruitment process and provides mentorship for qualification contracts, contributing to the growth and success of the entire team under her leadership.

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