Women in Tech® 100 Top Speakers 2023

Cecilia Tham

Cecilia Tham

Co-Founder and Director - Futurity Systems

Fields of Expertise:

  • Science
  • Innovation

Country of residence: Spain

I’m in the sweet spot where science, design, and business meet to dream up future-focused innovations. At Futurity Systems, we’re the crew guiding companies and government agencies to not only imagine but actively build brighter tomorrows.

I’ve set up a few ventures along the way:

Makers of Barcelona: One of the first community co-working and maker space in Barcelona
FabCafe Barcelona: A café with a digital fabrication built in.
Allwomen.tech: An AI and tech school for women, by women to build the pipeline for women-in-tech leaders.
Futurity Systems: We provide Futures-as-a-Service
Each venture has been a learning curve, turning ideas into reality.

Education Highlights:
Wrapped up my architecture studies at Harvard after exploring Biology and Fine Arts at Emory. Architecture taught me it’s not just about buildings, but about connecting dots in creative ways. Currently trying hard to get my PhD on Design Futures.

Speaking & Teaching:
Shared some insights at places like TEDx, European Commission, MWC, and 4YFN. Currently teaching at ID IIT, and have previously taught at Parsons New School and Toulouse Business School. And yes, had a fun time working on product strategies with the folks at Google.

Nods & Collaborations:
Offered my two cents to SXSW, City of Barcelona, and UN WFP. And hey, Forbes gave me a shoutout as one of the future-shapers.

Little anecdote: My 9-year-old once summed up my job as, “You work for the future!

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