Women in Tech 100 Top Speakers 2023

Loredana Manushaqa

Loredana Manushaqa

Head of Artificial Intelligence Training at MBZUAI

Fields of Expertise:

  • Innovation & Strategy
  • Education
  • Program Management
  • Philomath 

Country of residence: UAE

Loredana is a versatile Senior Leader at the confluence of technology, innovation, and education, with a focus on public sector impact. Her career highlights include coaching over 1000 professionals, designing and executing 10+ executive programs contributing to national-level strategies, and delivering education to high-level industry executives. Loredana has also led AI and Data initiatives, launched Industry 4.0 & AI programs for diverse entities, and conducted 70+ webinars on key industry topics. In addition, she played a pivotal role in fostering startups, managing corporate teams, and establishing collaborations with renowned clients and stakeholders such as Microsoft, IBM, and Apple.

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