Women in Tech 100 Top Speakers 2023

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom

President at CCINP | CEO & General Counsel at MQMLEGAL | Founder & CEO at Humanity Of Things Agency | CLO and Board Member at Women In Tech

Fields of Expertise:

  • Legal and Regulatory Affairs
  • Emerging Technologies
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Governance and Public Affairs
  • Strategic, Quantum, and Meta Thinking
  • Collaborative Leadership
  • Advocacy and Activism

Country of residence: Netherlands

Marisa Monteiro Borsboom is a dedicated Humanist driven by a passion for knowledge and emerging technologies, particularly Artificial Intelligence and Quantum Computing. Her career, which commenced with a law degree, has evolved beyond legal boundaries, reflecting a natural inclination towards exploration and innovation.

With 19 years of experience as a lawyer, Marisa’s multidimensional and divergent mindset has paved the way for various roles and projects, showcasing her commitment to openness by design. Marisa’s greatest asset lies in her curious, creative, and reflective mind, fueling a commitment to continuous learning and education.

Despite a strong foundation in the humanities, she is an avid science and tech enthusiast, positioning herself at the forefront of innovation. As a proactive citizen, Marisa advocates for a human-centric design, guided by principles of integrity, transparency, and ethical capacity, making governance, public affairs, and future regulation central themes in her focus.

Known for her perseverance, solution-oriented approach, and strategic, quantum, and meta thinking, Marisa adapts to any task at hand, always striving to enhance methods and procedures. With a belief in the power of diverse and equitable teams, she aligns her efforts with sustainability goals and is particularly dedicated to SDG 17. Marisa’s core values, rooted in moral courage and bravery, drive her towards becoming the best version of herself.

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