Women in Tech 100 Top Speakers 2023

Monika Rizovska

Monika Rizovska

Global Community Director at Women-in-Tech™ | Lecturer at Masterclass.mk

Fields of Expertise:

  • Online community building
  • Employer Branding
  • Data-driven storytelling
  • Crisis and issues management
  • Education and training

Country of residence: USA

Monika is a seasoned Employer Branding Consultant and an enthusiastic Women in Tech Ambassador with a fervent dedication to building communities, startups, and fostering innovation. With a global perspective, Monika’s mission is centered around empowering women in the tech industry, driven by a profound belief in the transformative power of technology to enhance lives and communities.

As a holistic creative thinker, Monika brings a unique approach to her work, focusing on co-creating scalable and sustainable growth through a coherent and delightful brand experience. With a proven track record in the IT industry, she has successfully navigated the dynamic landscape of technology, leaving an indelible mark in her field. Monika possesses superpowers as a top-level-down thinker, allowing her to envision the comprehensive interplay of each element in the business landscape to support overarching objectives.

She proactively identifies and implements strategies that enable her team to navigate challenges effectively, avoiding unnecessary and costly mistakes. Monika is consistently lauded for her ability to deliver exceptional results ahead of schedule, showcasing her commitment to excellence. Always open to new connections and collaborations, Monika thrives on creating meaningful partnerships that contribute to the growth and success of the tech industry and beyond.

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