Women in Tech 100 Top Speakers 2023

Nadia Mannell

Nadia Mannell

Chief Strategy Officer and Board Member at Women-in-Tech™ | Director at Cardano Foundation

Fields of Expertise:

  • Strategic Leadership in Women-in-Tech
  • Blockchain Education and Advocacy
  • Venture Capital and Finance
  • Angel Investing and Venture Ecosystem

Country of residence: UAE

Nadia holds the position of Board Member and Chief Strategy Officer at Women-in-Tech™️, where her responsibilities include overseeing the organization’s expansion, partnerships, and the development of educational programs focused on Web 3 and STEM. Through these initiatives, she actively works towards closing the gender gap and promoting greater female representation in these fields.

Additional to her role at Women-in-Tech™️, Nadia serves as the Director of the Academy at the Cardano Foundation, where she is dedicated to promoting blockchain adoption through education. She accomplishes this by building and implementing the strategy for the foundation’s overall education offering which includes the development of certified courses that focus on the advancements of current financial and social systems.

Nadia’s venture background and commitment to addressing gender disparities in finance are carried out in her position as Partner at Seed South Capital, an early-stage investment firm based in South Africa. The firm specialises in commercializing intellectual property and de-risking opportunities for later-stage investors, aligning with Nadia’s goal of bridging the financial gap for women in venture. As an angel investor herself, Nadia actively engages in the Venture Ecosystem in her role as the Steering Committee member for the 2022 Female Angel Network in Dubai, her current location. Through these engagements, she actively contributes to empowering women entrepreneurs and promoting gender diversity in investment opportunities.

Overall, Nadia’s diverse roles reflect her dedication to driving growth, fostering change, and empowering women within the STEM, education, and finance. Her efforts have a profound impact on breaking barriers and creating inclusive environments in these industries.

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