On June 30th, 2020 Women in Tech Russia hosted the online meet-up “Demystifying Data Science – Vol.1” in partnership with Dell Technologies. This webinar opened a whole series of events that aim to prove that Data Science is not some kind of magic, but a craft that can be studied and mastered, and girls are welcomed.

Prominent data scientists from famous companies all over the world shared their knowledge and best practices with the WIT community. For the first meetup, we made the lectures as universal as possible so they would be interesting for both beginners and savvy specialists. 3 brilliant speakers showed the use of Machine learning from different perspectives:

🔺 Dr. Shaul Dar (Senior data scientist at Dell Technologies) started with “Introduction to Machine Learning”;
🔺 Lidia Khashina (Product Owner at Zyfra) was talking about “ML-based Manufacturing Process Management”;
🔺 Or Herman Saffar (Senior data scientist at Dell Technologies) captured the audience’s attention with the topic “ML-powered Crime Prediction”.

195 people signed up for the event and 182 participated! The atmosphere was very friendly and lively. The audience was actively involved in the conversation, asked many questions, and used the opportunity to get advice from Data Science gurus.

We will continue the “Demystifying Data Science” series, announcements about new events will be posted on our social media. Please, follow us and stay tuned! https://www.instagram.com/womenintechrus/