To all participants who joined our Women in Tech Netherlands webcast last nite, for your vulnerability, for your calmness, for your unity.

To Jeroen van Velzen, for coaching us on how to sense energy in a room and create a powerful, connected journey for the audience.

To Marjolijn de Boer, for helping us to identify our specific people and results oriented characteristics that represent the things we are most grateful for, the goals we want to reach and the talents that will help us get there.

To Marinma Dorado, for connecting us to our hearts and to the hearts of everyone around us, and for leading us through a magnificent, humble meditation. Wow.

To Gaby Verwegen, our Community Leader for South Holland, for organising and hosting the entire event, and ensuring it was accessible for all participants.

To Mariska Kleiss, for running a thoughtful, well-timed and exciting campaign that attracted a full capacity audience!

To Carenza Brown for your creative talents to produce the beautiful graphics for our entire event.

In these times of physical distancing and remote working, we truly have the human ability to be closer to each other than ever before.