The WiT & CROC Soft Skills School 2021 2nd edition has successfully finished! The results are as stunning as the last year – 50 women from the IT industry took the course and developed soft skills to succeed in their careers.

This year participants mastered their skills on the following topics:
🔺 Self-confidence,
🔺 Leadership,
🔺 Effective communication,
🔺 Adaptability and change management.

For us personally great joy was seeing the inspired faces of the women who boosted their self-confidence, listening to their stories about what they dared to do after our lectures and masterclasses, and what wonderful results their experiments led to. We invested a lot of effort in organizing the course, and the outcome was totally worth it!

We hope that after the course girls will continue using the soft skills they have mastered in their daily life and this will lead to new interesting challenges, promotions at work, new contacts and networking, etc.
We also hope they will continue to develop projects that they created with their teams during the School, participate in masterminds, and communicate with each other. There were so many inspiring and professional women!

Now it’s time to show off the projects of our talented students! Perhaps, you will find inspiration in these projects and maybe would like to join some team – please, feel free to do so, we are always looking for volunteers!

1. Glass ceiling problem.
This team focused on helping women who want to grow, build a career, but at some point ran into obstacles.

2. Building a career abroad.
The project is dedicated to finding a job in IT in Europe, the USA, and Canada: both remote and with relocation.

3. Communication in conflicts.
Together we learn to build arguments and prove our point of view confidently, but not aggressively.

4. Building a personal brand.
The goal of this project is to help the community understand how to create a personal brand, the members created a roadmap with step-by-step instructions on how to build it. We plan to share these valuable materials on our social networks.

5. “21 days of personal brand development” challenge.
This team, just like the previous one, tackled the problem of personal brand, but their focus is on building a brand within the IT community. The team will be glad to invite new members on board: developers of telegram bots, experts, and mentors on various topics.

6. Onboarding mentoring.
This team summarised various experiences of integration and onboarding in a new company and created materials that will help successfully survive in this challenging time. They will be happy to welcome new team members, please, feel free to join.

We are extremely inspired by the creativity and productivity of our Soft Skills School students.
Girls, thank you so much for all your energy, you are awesome!

Stay tuned – there is always a chance to participate in any program as a participant, mentor, speaker, or volunteer.