Please meet Lindsay Lee, our Woman in tech of the Week. She is a Technical Officer at WHO and works on issues related to people with disabilities. She warns that during COVID-19 pandemic, discrimination against people with disabilities could increase.

Lindsay Lee is a statistician and public policy researcher from Tennessee, US. She completed her Bachelor in Mathematics at the University of Tennessee-Knoxville. She then completed her Master of Science in Applied Statistics and Master of Public Policy at the University of Oxford as a Rhodes Scholar. She has predominantly worked in disability advocacy and data analysis in the social sciences.

Lindsay joined the World Health Organization (WHO) Blindness and Deafness Prevention, Disability and Rehabilitation team as a Technical Officer in January 2017. She supports the team primarily with analysis and reporting of the results from the Model Disability Survey, as a part of the implementation of the WHO global disability action plan 2014-2021.

In the following Q&A she shares awareness related to difficulties people with disabilities may encounter in the context of COVID-19 and how their needs can be met.