Dr Christyl Johnson, deputy director for technology and research investments officially opened the Australian chapter. She compelled the women present to use this opportunity to come together through this chapter to take real action to ‘move the needle’. She wants each of us to ask ourselves “What am I individually doing to create change?”

An essential part of being able to take action is for all of us as women to overcome our fears and imposter syndrome to go after our dreams.
“Fear is false evidence appearing real, you have to bring it from the thought space into reality and not let the fear and doubts hold you back. You have to know the value that you bring to the table. As a woman you have unique positions and unique vantage points when you look at any of the challenges. In order for us to do impossible things we have to have diverse minds coming to the table. The only way that you truly innovate is to have to get people to think outside of the box and to have to have diversity to achieve that.
It’s a matter of telling yourself every day. ”I’m well equipped. I deserve to be here. I am just as good as everyone else.”
The truth is that nobody can tell you what’s possible for you. Noone can set your dreams and establish your dreams but you. And noone can stop you but you. You have to make it happen.”

We then heard from the founder of Women in Tech, Ayumi Moore Aoki, via live cross from Barcelona where she was attending at the Women in Business Forum, part of the SmartCity Expo World Congress, moderating a panel on Women in Tech and innovation in the Mediterranean.
Women in Tech started when Ayumi asked “What can I do to bridge the gender gap?” From day one she has had a global vision to create real change for women by creating a global movement of women and men committed to supporting women in tech. Within 18 months there are already thousands of members from around the world.

The Australian chapter is the first chapter to launch outside of Europe.

The panel guests included Yemi Penn, author of Did you get the memo? Gen George founder of tamme, One Shift and LMBDW and Hayley Markham co-founder of Code Camp.

Their advice for the women was varied and covered everything from how to deal with a crisis of confidence to knowing which idea is going to be the right one to pursue.

The event was attended by 130 women and a few men too and represented founders, those working in the tech industry and those wanting to support women in tech fields. The attendees really enjoyed the opportunity to come together to discuss ideas and they’re excited about what the future holds for the Australian chapter.

Applications for the Australian delegation to the Women in Tech Summit happening in Paris in May 2020 open soon.

We would like to thank Canva for hosting this event, this was such a fitting choice for this event as Melanie Perkins the founder of Canva is an incredible role model for Australian women as the first Australian female unicorn. (Canva is currently valued at $3.2 billion).

We would like to thank our incredible speakers Dr Johnson, Ayumi Moore Aoki, Yemi Penn, Hayley Markham and Gen George and all of the women who attended our launch event.

Peace Mitchell,
Australian Ambassador of Women in Tech