On October, 6th WiT Russia in collaboration with WiT The Netherlands hosted a special Women in Tech event – “Yes, Women Can!” Women working in Heavy Asset industries.

Did you know, that in Russia, some professions are forbidden for women? In fact, for example, only starting as of January 2021, will women be given the right to be a train conductor. We have met with women around the world who work in Heavy Asset industries and we were fascinated with their paths and stories. They all faced hurdles in their careers that many might consider impossible for women to handle. But they did not let this stop them!

At the event, we shared their stories to inspire you and show that Yes, Women Can!

The event was hosted online by Elina Valeeva, the ambassador of Women in Tech Russia, along with Dr. Cara Antoine, the President and Chairwoman of the Advisory Board of Women in Tech, The Netherlands.

Our remarkable panelists:
– Bettina Bachmann, Managing Director of twoB Consulting GmbH, ex-Shell executive. Bettina’s main theme: As women in the energy industry, we are often a minority. How does that feel? Do we ever think about it, and if so, how does it impact us and our performance? Looking forward to sharing my personal ‘exploration ‘of this topic.
– Elvira Wallis, Senior Vice President, Global Head of Internet of Things at SAP. Elvira’s main theme: Industrial IoT is supplying the latest technology for heavy asset industries, allowing companies to digitize and optimize assets and machines to predict outcomes and to increase performance.
– Liana Meliksetyan, Chief operating officer at Zyfra Company. Liana’s main theme: How Russia is losing competitive advantage by ignoring the gender gap in the Industrial Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence.
– Polina Vasilenko, CEO and Founder of HelioRec, ex-Schlumberger. Polina’s main theme: From oil and gas to the renewables – my “green” way”.

We welcome you to watch this webinar online