This summer we successfully completed the first Mentor in Tech program in Russia. 110 top-notch mentors and 255 mentees were selected to participate in this initiative, making it one of the largest mentoring programs for women in technology in Russia. The program was organized in partnership with Women in Big Data and with the support of Intel and Women on Boards.

Participants of this 3-month program had the opportunity to receive free mentoring in five areas: Get into IT, Career and Leadership, Technology (Software Development, Data Science, Quality Assurance, etc.), Startups, and Digital Marketing. Apart from one-to-one individual sessions with a mentor, the program included networking opportunities, webinars from experts, and mastermind sessions in small groups.

Many mentees shared with us their success stories: some of them started a career in IT, found a new job that better fits their long-term goals, or learned how to boost their self-confidence. Remarkably, the feeling of being encouraged and supported was cited by the participants as one of the most valuable outcomes of the mentoring sessions. In addition, getting support from someone who has already followed the intended career path makes the bigger picture clearer for those who are at the beginning of their journey. Many mentors have agreed to support their mentees even after the completion of the program, so more success stories are yet to come.

We’re happy to announce that our mentorship program is expanding, stay tuned for more details!