Careers in STEM offer stable and varied job positions. The skills you need for STEM work transfer across varying positions for upward mobility in the industry. In addition, STEM careers have a real-world impact – many STEM professionals are making a positive difference in millions of lives with their work.

Now is the perfect time to join this group of innovators and world-changers. Here are five niche jobs for women who want to work in technology.

1.   Web Development

Web developers use HTML coding, CSS, and Javascript to build websites and keep them running smoothly. Front-end developers focus on design and accessibility. In contrast, back-end developers work on behind-the-scenes tasks, like running databases and helping different components communicate. Full-stack developers are equipped to work in both roles.

Some companies have created tech programs specifically designed for women who may be raising children or caring for relatives while developing their career paths. For instance, Women in Tech offers courses on coding, web development, and software engineering that you can complete at your own pace. Their skills are relevant across many roles in the tech industry.

2.   UX/UI Design

For creative individuals, a career in UX or UI design may be perfect. UX stands for “user experience” and UI for “user interface.” These careers are best performed by those with experience in graphic design, marketing, and collaborative teamwork.

User experience roles focus on how a website works and how people respond to it. On the other hand, user interface positions use graphic design skills to ensure the technology looks good. Some tech professionals combine these skills to bring a well-rounded skill set to their company.

No company can succeed without a multifaceted team of individuals working toward the same goal. UX and UI designers take company dreams and make them a reality by showing their full potential to the world. Their process of polishing material to engage with the public empowers tech companies to become successful and a force for good in the world.

3.   IT Management

Management roles have always been essential to companies, although when performed well, they are often unnoticed. IT managers lead their teams to success by setting goals and then supervision the completion of those goals.

Technology is constantly changing, and managers have to stay on top of changes affecting their niche. The best IT managers can think on their feet, maintain a learning mindset, and work to support their teams. They communicate between different levels within their company and act as liaisons to other companies. Tech managers may also keep company computer systems updated and safe.

Sherry Washburn is an example of what tech management can look like. In an interview for Danaher, she shares her journey of working in the technology industry for over 30 years. Changes in her company role and job title have taken her analytical and problem-solving skills from the lab bench to management, where they are applicable in different ways.

Talented IT managers are essential for any tech company’s well-being. Since the tech industry is now impacting almost every field, these roles will only continue to expand.

4.   Data Architect

Data architects create the internal structures that make modern business models possible. They build data management frameworks to give companies a solid foundation for handling, processing, and storing data. Each framework created by a data architect is specifically suited to the company that needs it.

IT workers usually become data architects after studying and getting experience in data design and data storage. The models they create are meant to accurately represent and serve the needs and structure of many different companies.

5.   Machine Learning

Machine learning is a form of programming that enables machines to take in information and adapt to it independently, without requiring a human command for every step. These computers work through advanced algorithms which observe and respond to data. Machine learning scientists and engineers work to create, monitor, and improve these systems.

Machine learning reduces the time and energy that people have to put into teaching machines to work for them. It’s a huge step forward in AI technology and has been in use for a while. For example, Google implemented machine learning for their search engine in 2016 with the introduction of RankBrain.

Grow With STEM

STEM is an exciting and innovative field, with many opportunities for women to launch their careers. These are just five of many roles open in the technology industry. Join the technology industry to launch your career and make a difference for your community and the world.


Devin Partida
Editor in Chief

Devin Partida covers women’s experiences in tech and business for sites like Women Love Tech, Due, Worth and Entrepreneur. To learn more about Devin, please visit her professional website here