Apple engineers shape the future of innovation. They work collaboratively, sharing their diverse skills. And they care – deeply – about the impact their work has on their customers and the environment. Want to join them?

The opportunity you’ll have

What’s your speciality? Silicon engineering? AI or machine learning? Hardware or software? Across Europe, Apple has opportunities for engineers to help create the future of its products for millions of users around the world.

The impact you can make

At Apple, the same innovation that goes into product creation, goes into taking on issues the company focuses on. Whether that’s protecting the privacy of the end user, promoting equity through accessibility or supporting the environment.

The connections you’ll find

For over 35 years, Apple’s Diversity Network Associations have offered connection, community and allyship for all its employees. Today over 55,000 people belong to employee-led groups such as Women@Apple, Pride@Apple and Black@Apple.

Interested? Upload your CV and if there are current positions an Apple Recruiter will be in touch