We are launching our own Women in Tech platform and a mobile app! 🤗 A home for our community, our events, partner projects, talent market place and network, creating greater access to the programs making real change in our world.

This platform will be yet another milestone in our mission of empowering 1 million women and girls by 2030. Not only will this platform bring together our members from 70 countries, but it will create access to like-minded groups in our ecosystem, so together we can share, learn, and advance our cause collectively.

We need your help

We are asking members for a small donation towards helping us launch this platform. In doing so, you will become a lifetime, premium member, with opportunity to work more closely with the Global team.

Let me assure you that membership will always be free and open to everyone. Premium members though will have access to extra services like mentoring or exclusive workshops.

Don’t want to become a member, but still want to support us? Donate any amount you feel comfortable with here.

We care only about impact. The impact individuals and organizations are making to increase the number of women in tech. We know that there are people and places doing it right all around the world, and we want to shout about it from our rooftop!