Mentoring program

Women’s Global Mentoring Program

Why start a Mentoring program?


of people say Mentors are valuable


of those who have been mentored, will also go on to mentor others


Mentors themselves are 6 times more likely to be promoted


of mentors and mentees feel empowered by their mentoring relations

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Become a Great Mentor by WiT

While the benefits of mentoring for mentees are pretty clear, it’s important to remember that mentors gain a lot from these relationships as well. People who mentor are 6 times more likely to be promoted.


—  1 Month     17 Tasks     1 Habit

Start learning about mentoring with Meditivity now!

Boost a Career with Mentorship by WiT

Mentoring relationship is a powerful tool for growth – 97% of people say mentors are valuable. You can gain a lot from being mentored not just get a promotion or better do your job but become more self-confident, improve communications skills, and expose yourself to new and …

—  1 Month     16 Tasks     1 Habit

There are 2 Mentoring programs:

Mentor in Tech

powered by Women in Tech

The program was developed to support women in the STEM industry at all levels – for beginners who want to find their ways in tech and for executives who want to advance in their careers. Mentees are getting the opportunity to have 1-1 individual sessions with experienced mentors, personal guidance, and support.

Who is it for

 Women building their career in STEM and seeking mentorship in 7 areas:

  • Career and Leadership
  • Technology (Data Science, QA, Software development, etc.)
  • Startups
  • Digital Marketing
  • Project & Product Management
  • Business Analytics
  • UX/UI Design.

What will you get

  • 3 individual sessions during 3 months
  • 3 workshops on soft skills
  • Access to a closed networking community

Program fee

Free program
Without certificate – 0 €
With certificate – 20 €

Immersive Mentoring

powered by Women in Governance

CEO’s The program was developed to support a wider circle of women at the professional and executive levels and in all geographies. It was carefully curated by a strategic committee, equipped with leaders and professionals with extensive experience in their fields and roles.

Who is it for

  • Mentees for the Professional program hold Director positions, and are members of the Professional orders such as: Lawyers, Engineers, Accountants etc.
  • Mentees for the Executive program hold Vice President positions and want to become CEO’s or Board members.

What will you get

  • 12-months of individual mentoring
  • 4 group workshops
  • Other benefits from Women in Governance organization

Program fee

Starting at $995



Until February 7
Application process

February 8 – February 24
Reviewing applications

February 25
Announcing the results

March 1 – May 31

  • Top-notch mentorship
  • Access to a closed networking community
  • Personal guidance and extra educational trainings
  • Women
  • Older than 18 years
  • With strong motivation and dedication to the program
  • Any gender
  • A business professional with more than 3 years of experience
  • Certified mentorship training 
  • Access to a closed networking community
  • An opportunity to deliver a webinar for mentors, mentees and alumni
  • Developing their leadership qualities and other soft skills
  • PR
  • Opportunity to change and improve someone’s life