🙌 Big thanks to Lisa ChristenShalini Trefzer and Dr. Patricia Widmer for this inspiring talk on Clubhouse on Wednesday night, and big thanks to Safia AgueniDr. Dagmara Lewandowska and Delphine Yan (晏如) for the organization and representation! Thank you to all our old & new friends for joining us too, we are so happy to have you in our community, supporting the empowerment of WomeninTech in 🇨🇭

How to ensure the tech sector is (not a men’s world) but an inclusive & attractive place to work? Here are some interesting takeaways: 

📌 Inclusivity can happen at all levels: it is senior people that should invite junior people to speak up in a meeting. It is also up to the company to review the recruiting process from A-Z to remove any potential bias and ensure equal chances for both men and women 

📌 We all need to feel like we belong. But the feeling of belonging is not enough, we also need to embrace and be accepted with one’s uniqueness at the same time to achieve true inclusion

📌 If you don’t have a tech background, a good way to jump into it is to know first what problem you would like to solve in this world, and then figure out how you can leverage tech to solve that problem

🙌 Stay tuned for more great get-togethers soon to come…