On July 15, at the Online Cafe “IT Career Here and Now” organized by Women in Tech Russia, we talked with great speakers about what is happening in the IT labor market now, what is needed to be relevant, and the role of Diversity in these times.


Moderator Lidia Timkovskaya from Women in Tech Russia and the founder of WOW Humans!  talked to Ekaterina Rozhdestvenskaya, HR Director of the technical direction at Veeam Software in Russia and the Czech Republic, Tatiana Tikhonova, HR Director of Deutsche Bank in Russia and Deutsche Bank Technology Center, and Liana Meliksetyan, Executive Director of Zyfra.


What we learned about the IT labor market here and now is:

  1. The participants of the meeting are generally positive about the future – they see more opportunities unleashed by the remote opportunities due to pandemic. Russian IT Talents are valued both in Russia and worldwide.
  2. Remote work is the new norm: In many companies and for many positions, remote working has become a new opportunity or even the norm. Therefore, the employee needs to find their own style of how to remain effective in the new format.
  3. There is a shortage of qualified candidates, so a valuable candidate will always find a great job. It is important to improve your hard skills and your qualifications.  Join refresher courses, professional conferences, and events. 
  4. An active attitude, continuous learning, and soft skills such as emotional intelligence, empathy, listening, collaboration, and the ability to articulate and bring up their unique added value as a candidate will distinguish the most valuable candidates.


This session opened up a series of interactive events that follow:

 “Anatomy of a tester” by Veeam Software,

 “Fair pay and data collection” by Zyfra

 “How to prepare for a technical interview” from the Deutsche Bank Technology Center