Women in Tech® 100 Top Speakers 2023

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Ayumi Moore Aoki

Founder CEO - Women in Tech® Global

Fields of Expertise:

  • Social Entrepreneurship
  • Design
  • Diversity & Inclusion
  • Leadership
  • Disruptive Technologies

Country of residence: France

Ayumi Moore Aoki is a social entrepreneur and visionary leader committed to driving positive and sustainable change through technology. As the Founder and CEO of Women in Tech® Global, Ayumi has spearheaded a global movement that empowers women and girls in Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Mathematics (STEAM). With headquarters in Paris and a presence in 45 countries, Women in Tech® Global has over 200,000 members and aims to empower 5 million women and girls in STEAM by 2030.

Under Ayumi’s leadership, Women in Tech® Global operates on four pillars: education, business, digital inclusion, and advocacy. Through education, the organization equips women with the skills to excel in STEAM careers. They foster a supportive environment for women entrepreneurs and leaders through business initiatives. Digital inclusion ensures no woman or girl is left behind in the digital era, and advocacy drives systemic change by challenging gender biases in the tech industry.

Ayumi’s dedication to women empowerment and technology has earned her the high patronage of Mr. Emmanuel Macron, the President of France. Women in Tech® Global has also signed a partnership with UN Women and is part of the Edisson Alliance of the Economic Forum.

Born in Brazil to a Brazilian mother and Japanese father, Ayumi’s diverse upbringing shaped her beliefs. Moving to South Africa during apartheid, she witnessed injustices and discrimination, fueling her desire to challenge oppressive norms based on gender and race.

In 2008, Ayumi transformed her life by learning to code through self-teaching. This newfound digital skill not only improved her personal life but also led her to create her first company. In 2018, she founded Women in Tech® Global, impacting the lives of women and girls worldwide.

As an international expert in women empowerment, Ayumi speaks at global events, including PauseFest, TEDx Ist, UFM Business Forum, GMI Summit, and LEAP. She inspires audiences to challenge the status quo and embrace diversity in the tech world.

Ayumi Moore Aoki’s dedication to empowering women and girls in STEAM fields has ignited a global movement. Through Women in Tech® Global, she redefines norms, breaks down barriers, and creates an inclusive tech industry for future generations.

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