Women in Tech® 100 Top Speakers 2023

Hilla Ovil-Brenner

Hilla Ovil-Brenner

Co-founder and CEO Yazamiyot - Women Entrepreneurs

Fields of Expertise:

  • startup mentor.
  • Investing

Country of residence: Israel

A former Managing Director of Techstars Tel Aviv Accelerator, she’s a seasoned investor, 3x entrepreneur, and startup mentor. With a life’s passion for helping entrepreneurs navigate the intricate paths to success, she excels in connecting the dots and fostering meaningful collaborations.
Over the past two decades, she has been a driving force in the Israeli startup ecosystem, wearing various hats as an entrepreneur, investor, mentor, and advisor. Her intuitive understanding of both sides of the table enables her to guide founders in making informed decisions for their companies, teams, and personal growth.
Early in her career, she played a pivotal role in building WhiteSmoke, a global NLP technology leader. Having raised millions of dollars, managed a sizable workforce, and overseen millions of users worldwide, she garnered extensive experience in driving substantial revenues.
As a woman founder and CEO, she recognized the challenges faced by women in the male-centric tech world. In response, she founded Yazamiyot – Women Entrepreneurs in 2010. This nonprofit organization, boasting a community of over 6K members, focuses on increasing the presence of women entrepreneurs in Hitech & biotech. Her impactful initiatives include collaborations with leading tech companies, investors, and industry leaders, such as Google Campus for Moms, adopted globally by Google, and the Yazamiyot & Microsoft accelerator and courses across Israel. She has organized hundreds of events and conferences, demonstrating her commitment to empowering female founders in the tech landscape.

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