Last February Women in Tech Russia held a workshop “Ways to IT”. Aside from the panel speeches, we organized mentor hours and offered to girls not only inspiration but also individual feedback and advice. After that event, we decided to go further and started planning a free 4-week QA Engineering School – introduction course into testing. The School’s mission is to give a quick start to those who want to gain new skills and change their professional path.

In only one week, we received more than 200 applications, among which we selected 60 girls. Preference was given to those who had no experience in IT and expressed high interest in a motivation letter.
Our original plan was to hold the School offline but due to the pandemic, we decided that it’s better to move it to Zoom than postpone.
During the 4-week educational course, mentors will teach the foundation of QA engineer profession.

What will be on the course?

  • Theory, real experience with tester tools and practical tasks,
  • Links to verified sources, books, and courses,
  • Bagathon – a final sandbox project that can be attached to the portfolio,
  • Mentoring and support,
  • Certificates on completing the course,
  • At the end of the School, the course will be available online.


The program director is Anastasia Zarechneva (WIT Delegate in St. Petersburg) who created a syllabus and gathered an extraordinary team of mentors to teach girls.

Thanks to our partners – co-working space for youth PROSTO, online educational platform Stepik, and a software quality management system Test IT.

WIT Russia plans many events, meetups, and hackathons in the near future, so there is no need to feel upset for those who weren’t selected. We’re sure that everyone will find a WIT activity tailored to their needs.

Congratulations to the girls who have become students of the first Women in Tech QA School! We look forward to starting on May 7.