Women in Tech Jury

Uwe Diegel

Keynote speaker, CEO, Venture Capitalist

HealthWorks Global, LifeInA
South-Africa, France

Uwe Diegel has been at the forefront of international changes in healthcare technology for the last 30 years. His drive and passion for innovative technology have driven major changes in perception about healthcare.

Uwe lives in Paris, France, where he runs HealthWorks Global and does fundamental research in medical diagnostics and medication transport. He is today considered to be a foremost expert in the field of blood pressure management and in the manufacturing of medical devices.

Uwe Diegel is a specialist in various forms of medical diagnostics such as blood pressure, temperature, asthma and diabetes. He is the holder of several patents relating to temperature and blood pressure measurement. Until the age of 26 he was a concert pianist. Following an accident that partially restricted movement in in right arm, he started a new career in medical diagnostics.

In 2009, Uwe got interested in connected health as a means of providing better patient management. He became involved in iHealth, a platform that takes all the signals of the body and translates them into a meaningful format using smartphones and tablets. Uwe served as CEO of iHealthLabs Europe until 2016.

Silvina Moschini

Co-founder & President of Transparent Business, Founder & CEO of SheWorks!

United States

Uwe Diegel

Keynote speaker,
CEO, Venture Capitalist

HealthWorks Global, LifeInA
South-Africa, France

Lisa Lang


ThePowerHouse & ElektroCouture

Brian Marrinan

Managing Partner

Journey Partners

Amleto Montinari

CEO and co-founder


Italy, Spain

Sophie Devonshire


The Caffeine Partnership
United Kingdom

Stéphane Couleaud



Adele Savarese

Chief Content Officer

Ninja Academy

Daria Vodopianova

Personal Branding & LinkedIn Strategist | TEDx Speaker | Keynote Speaker | Bestselling Author

Russia, Sweden

Heikki Haldre


The Future of Retail Organisation


Mo Lishomwa

Director of Strategic Alliances

United Kingdom

Tee Ganbold

Director of Strategic Initiatives & Operations

Intrepid Capital Partners
Mongolia and UK

Bejal Joshi

Founder and CEO International Women in Science, CEO Plush Communique Limited

UK, Switzerland

Bruno Nascimento

CEO & Co-Founder

Barba Brada, Parqly

Dot Lung

Social Media Marketing Director & Founder

USA, Spain

Ikrame El Bouayadi

Head of Marketing

Twitter France