Help us “Conduct an unbiased skills evaluation” survey online today and get a chance to win a Women in Tech Global Summit Ticket happening in Paris on the 22 & 23 May 2023!

Women in Tech in collaboration with the WINNING consortium and the EIT Manufacturing offers a nugget where you will learn about the strategies that can be put in place to mitigate gender bias.

It’s a simple 3 steps process and it will take 10 minutes of your time:

1) Send us your email in the form below.

You will receive an email from EIT Manufacturing “You are invited to access courses on Skills.move, create an account now!”

2) You follow the link and set up an account / confirm with the email

3) Once logged in, go to the IN PROGRESS tab and follow the learning path “Conduct an unbiased skills evaluation”
There are 8 nuggets all together where you need to answer questions. Once each nugget is completed, click on “NEXT NUGGET”, until all 8 are completed.

Your email will take part in draw where you may win a ticket to take part in the Women in Tech Global Summit 2023 in Paris!

Results will be given on Monday the 19th December!