March 25th marked the official kick-off of the WIT Switzerland chapter. We had incredible speakers: Katrin Arnold, Elizabeth Theophille, Alisée de Tonnac and Olivier Bousquet.

We were thrilled by your warm welcome, you were more than 250 participants! 🙏🏼
Our panelists shared personal stories and their own experiences around our key topic of the event: what are the opportunities in Switzerland for more diversity in TECH.

Below some of our takeaways:
📌This is not a women journey only, men and women need to partner together to achieve equality
📌Instead of defining a successful woman based on male standard, women should be able to succeed in their own way
📌We all have potential bias, women, and men. Being self-aware is the first step, transformation starts with ourselves.
📌Be aligned with whom you want to become
📌And to girls who want to pursue a career in Tech, do not give up!

We would like to thank all the attendees for their great interaction during the event and to thank our 4 guest speakers for their inspiration and authenticity.

Here is the replay link, please feel free to share 😀
▶️ Replay link: